The API is simple, clean, RESTful, and it should let you replicate almost all functionalities of your Smart Tribune account.

Smart Tribune’s API provides a technical way to access platform data, which lets third-party tools interact with our service. The API follows conventions for URL construction, and returns data in JSON format. All calls to the API must be prepended with Errors are reported with standard HTML error codes, and results are paginated. The API will allow standardized methods of input/output of user/client generated content and moderation.
All calls related to posting/updating/deleting on the platforms are going to send mails like they do on the web application

Scripts & Download

Our public class will help you communicate with our API (REST API) in PHP with a few lines of code.

PHP5.x - REST API public Class (v1)

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API key

To be able to use Smart Tribunue API, you need to own a Smart Tribune account ( user or client ) and you must have an API key.
Currently, the API usage requires prior authorization. The API key requests are reviewed by Smart Tribune team.
To request an API key, you need to send your request with all following details to

Required information :

API Methods

API methods are divided by principal of usage on the following major types:

Error messages could be identified as the following 2 types:


You may use ordinary HTTP VERBS. The base URL for each API method looks like the following

Query quota

The number of requests per account is limited depend of your account and role.
You will find some more details about quotas in Quotas section

Requests format examples

Response format

In order to search the specified feedback including 'submit' in the title on platform where platform id equal to XXX, you can do :



Our API is governed by the same Term of Usage and Term of Service that the application.